Welcome to the all new Jackson Sport & Fitness!  We are a locally owned and operated 30,000 Square foot full service health club with great amenities and services our competitors just do not offer.  With industry leading cardio and strength training equipment, over 60 group aerobics classes weekly, and an atmosphere that  welcomes experienced health and fitness enthusiasts as well as those new to exercising, we are the best club for you!


It is our goal,no; It is our passion to help you succeed. We are fitness enthusiasts, some who have been in the industry for over 15 years, and we just want to help others achieve their fitness goals and dreams. Achieving the best shape and health of your life is a very simple equation, you just need to know the order of operations and how to solve for your specific variables. This is what we do. Please visit Jackson Sport & Fitness before you choose any other health club and give us the opportunity to show you why our members are more successful. 

Experience what it is like to finally belong to a club that cares and knows you and your preferences. Need a shower towel, it will be ready and waiting for you before you even arrive at the front desk!

We are here to help you achieve every goal you have. 

Welcome to the family!

Austin Copeland   -   General Manager / Managing Partner